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What is Radialpoint Security Services?

Virus Protection is part of Radialpoint Security Services, a single program that contains many different features normally found in separate retail packages. The full suite of services includes:

Virus Protection Real-time anti-virus protection; includes on-demand scheduled virus scanning, email scanning, quarantine
Spyware Protection Real-time anti-spyware protection; includes on-demand and scheduled spyware scanning, quarantine
Firewall Firewall with programand advanced access rule control
Fraud Protection Blocks phishing web sites
Parental Controls Filters inappropriate content
Backup & Restore On-demand and scheduled backup to local disk or CD/DVD
PC Optimizer On-demand and scheduled disk defragmentation and cleanup of unneeded files
Web Pop-Up Controls Blocks pop-ups and ads displayed within HTML pages
Web Privacy Controls Deletes tracking information, detects outgoing personal keywords

Where can I buy Radialpoint Security Services?

Radialpoint Security Services is provided exclusively through Internet or Broadband Service Providers. Contact your service provider to find out if they offer Radialpoint Security Services.



What is Radialpoint Security Services?
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